Music: ‘MOVR CLRSR’ – Steve Spacek

Eglo records came back in March with a brilliant release from electronic producer Steve Spacek, titled ‘Movr Clsr’. Spacek’s activity in the industry spans over 20 years, with early work in the mid-90s coming out with his formed 3-piece band. Who achieved important acclaim overseas from hip hop legend; Mob Def and highly respected producer; J Dilla. Both showed appreciation for their popular release ‘EVE’, with Mob Def writing a verse for the re-work, and Dilla producing the remix.

That being said, it wasn’t until going solo from 2005, where Spacek started to reach a wider audience in clubs, and from DJs with the album Spaceshift. However, more familiarly it was the popular broken bouncy grooves of the track ‘Follow me’ which first caught my interest, with its release through Eglo records back in 2016, setting up the release of ‘Move Clsr’ perfectly (listen below)

Moving into 2018, Spacek’s ‘Move Clsr’ EP shows off his electric range and appreciation for electronic music. ‘Boo Boo Step’ is a sonically pleasing cauldron of innovative rhythm. Spacek’s assumingly sampled broken kicks, house a mince of warm bubbling percussion synths, along with sharper, harsher ones, taking you on a space – age voyage.
Whilst, the aptly named ‘Garage Days’ brings back that old school garage 2-step kick and drum to a futuristic electro pot of relentless rhythm, which Spacek consciously seems to create throughout this EP. An undeniable talent gifting us with more inspired electronic music

You can listen and support the artist via Bandcamp:


Author: Kofi Yeboah

Hi, Thanks for checking in. My aim for inspired sound is to showcase the talented artists and selectors coming out of the UK underground music scene. I hope this will act as a source inspiration, as well as a platform to elevate up and coming artists. In future, we hope to put on events to showcase up and coming artists and DJs in the UK music scene

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