Music: ‘Sunny Side’ – The Busy Twist

The Busy Twist have continued to immerse themselves in the African culture to create an EP which brings their own experiences of the UK electronic music, together with the passion and effervescence of African highlife and afrobeat.

‘Sunny Side’ represents the first EP release from their newly formed record label aptly named Busy Life Records’ – an ambitious project which aims to ‘tie the dots between West African, South American, Caribbean and UK electronic music’.

‘Sunny side’ opens with a wonderfully lively quick stringed guitar melody, which is recognisable from some Latin house music, however, the main tone is generally afrobeat; with a lighter, uplifting feel, which is almost befitting of the tracks’ name (Sunny Side). Lead singer Zongo Abongo from Ghana, accompanies the track nicely with a mixture of broken English and a dialect native to north of Ghana, his vocals enrich the track with soul and feeling.

‘Traveller’ excellently follows suit of the last, with additional vocals from Burkina Faso vocalist; Kyekyeku. The Busy Twist stubbornly stay strong to their African highlife influence, featuring similar instruments to the last track, which seamlessly blends the first two tracks together. However, where it differs is the quicker tempo, and free flowing nature of the guitar melody as the track develops, which is reminiscent of work from African highlife artist; Baka Gbine.

Capturing you in a swirling, ambient downtempo groove throughout, is the next track YIRIBA. With additional vocals from Burkina Faso vocalist; Siaka Djarra, carefully riding on the rhythm of the melody. Taking a slightly different turn is their last track titled; ‘Train Soukous’, which contrastingly steers towards more Caribbean, Latin influences, as the hard-hitting, reverbed vocals make for dreamy, vibrant house track.

Nevertheless, this is EP represents the foundations of The busy Twist’s work and a sign of bigger things to come from their new label…


Author: Kofi Yeboah

Hi, Thanks for checking in. My aim for inspired sound is to showcase the talented artists and selectors coming out of the UK underground music scene. I hope this will act as a source inspiration, as well as a platform to elevate up and coming artists. In future, we hope to put on events to showcase up and coming artists and DJs in the UK music scene

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