Music: Hailu Mergia – ‘Lalu Belu’


LALABELUHAILUMERGIALala Belu represents the revive of Hailu Mergia, who hasn’t produced a solo album for nearly 30 years, and the echoes of that previous album; Tche Belew still resonate with this one. The accordion’s settling nostalgic feel, is again carried through into this album, especially in long slow burning track ‘Titzita’.

Hailu first reached acclaim as one of the eight members from the infamous group; Walias Band. A group who enjoyed their best years in the late 1970s during Ethiopia’s golden years, releasing a series of organic jazz, soul albums, which rose them to fame in Ethiopia.

Now, with the backing of Brian Shimkovtiv’s movement; ‘Awesome tape from Africa’ the keyboardist and accordion player ‘Hailu Mergia’ at the age of 72, is back with this wicked stand out release from March.

Have a listen below and support the artist:


Author: Kofi Yeboah

Hi, Thanks for checking in. My aim for inspired sound is to showcase the talented artists and selectors coming out of the UK underground music scene. I hope this will act as a source inspiration, as well as a platform to elevate up and coming artists. In future, we hope to put on events to showcase up and coming artists and DJs in the UK music scene

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