First Thoughts: Denzel Himself -Baphomet James

Denzel Himself seems to have carved a niche in the UK’s urban underground music scene, with not just his music but also his fashion. Cleverly appropriating to the UK music scenes’ DIY culture, Denzel Himself has fast forwarded his progression by putting out his own music, as well as, self-directing and self-producing four music videos from his debut release; ‘Pleasure’. In addition, his appearance on the beloved live music YouTube channel ‘COLORS’ saw the melancholic contemplative tones of ‘MELTY’ FT KEYAH/BUH raise more eyebrows of Denzel’s creative work, as well as elevate his steady recognition.

Video courtesy of ‘COLORS’
Video courtesy of ‘Denzel Himself’

Denzel’s dark, raw hip-hop and trap production pounding over to his unapologetically honest lyrics present an alternative expression to the UK urban underground music scene and is what makes him stand out. This is no more evident in the opening track to his April album release titled; ‘Baphomet James’, where mellow downtempo hip – hop stylized beats and simple chords match over his discussion on topics of death and his place in the world, which offers a refreshingly different point of expression and artistry which isn’t common in the UK’s hip hop underground scene. Denzel’s fearlessness to discuss uncomfortable, taboo topics for some, draws comparisons to debut release; ‘WOLF’ from American hip hop artist, ‘Tyler the creator’. Denzel is another exciting talent developing an authentic style in the UK scene and I hope he continues to stay true to himself.

Have a listen to Baphomet James below:


Author: Kofi Yeboah

I'm a Music & Culture Journalist, and DJ from London. I worked in radio, events promotions, and content production. .

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