First Thoughts: String Theory – Modularity

String Theory

Rhythm Section INTL ongoing quest to seek the newest talented producers continues with the release from Glaswegian duo, String theory. One half of the pair is Glasgow-based DJ and producer Peter Letton. The EP sees him collaborate with John Broomhall, an English composer with years of experience providing audio content for games and films, who also sits on the BAFTA Video Games Committee.

Opening strongly with the uplifting track titled; ‘Dirty high’, which sets the pace of their EP perfectly. To the backdrop of hats and kick, the sharp guitar bassline and playful piano melody come together to form the main bulk of the track, whilst tension is built with harsh synthesised strings phasing in and out throughout the track.

Following that, ‘Mr Tiger’ grabs your attention early with it’s heavy, quite alarming kick, and synthesised percussion elements creating a drumcode feel. However, once the guitar bassline begins to take over in sync with the echoing keyboard improvisation to form the melody, the technical skills again shine through in the track. Creating a brilliant paradoxical feel with the contrasting mood of the kick and bassline.

However, the stand out track titled; ‘Con Moto’ quickly creates a strong impression as it progresses, with its jazz style kick and drums setting an abrasive energetic pace, along with the introduction of the modular synthesised bassline and guitar melody giving the house track an incredible musical – feel, which has been a theme throughout this EP. The closing track titled; ‘Lucidity’ takes you through a wistful journey of ambient warm synthesized melodies and complementing each other well and rounding off the EP nicely.An impressive debut EP from String theory, and I’m exciting for more to come!

Check out the EP below:

Author: Kofi Yeboah

I'm a Music & Culture Journalist, and DJ from London. I worked in radio, events promotions, and content production. .

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