First Thoughts: Kaidi Tatham – It’s A World Before You


Multi- Instrumentalist, and immensely experienced electronic producer Kaidi Tatham delivered a special full length 13 track long album, titled; ‘It’s a world before you’. There’s a feeling of beckoning with the arrival of this album, having already teased us with two EPs with First Word Records titled ‘The Hard Times’ and ‘Changing Times’. Kaidi Tatham will be best known for his work as part of the London based DJ collective ‘Bugz in the Attic’ from the early 2000s who were pivotal for broken beat evolution throughout London. More recently as well as solo projects he collaborated with Dego to bring a full-length album with Theo Parrish’s Sound signature; titled, ‘A So We Gwarn’.


With broken beats heavily embedded throughout the album, the infusion of many other influences are what distinguishes Kaidi Tatham’s diverse, quality taste. ‘Its About Who Know’ is layered with a offbeat hats and kicks showing hints of old school RnB rhythms, whilst the bubbling synthesised piano melody and percussion showcase Kaidi wicked skills in arrangement and on the keys. ‘Cupid’ features American lyricist; Uhmeer, who’s quick quirky word play excellently takes center stage to Kaidi’s classic hip-hop stylised production, with hints of his own touches with the vibrant keyboard chords.

On the other hand, stand out track ‘Out Here On My Own’ featuring Manchester’s rising duo ‘Children of Zeus’, downtempo resonating gentle instrumentals accompanied by Tyler’s vocals and Konny Kon lyrics lift the track, and provides a contemplative soulful element to a complete body of work. A truly inspiring body of work, which I feel represents a very pure uplifting scene in UK underground music which needs more appreciation.

You can support and buy copy of Kaidi Tatham’s work via bandcamp below:

You can also see his debut live performance with Dego at The jazz café and buy a ticket here

Author: Kofi Yeboah

I'm a Music & Culture Journalist, and DJ from London. I worked in radio, events promotions, and content production. .

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