First Thoughts: Children of Zeus – Travel Light

Children of Zeus have managed to invigorate Manchester’s already steep music scene, with their cultured steady soulful flow. Manchester haven’t been short of Drum n bass, jungle, bassline producers and MCs with the likes of Strategy, Lenzman, DRS, Chimpo, and Dub Phizix being some of the pioneers in Manchester to champion that sound. However, the duo has been active way before they started their Children of Zeus project, as Lyricist and beatmaker Konny Kon, worked with Manchester based groups ‘The Microdiascs’, and ‘Broken n English’. Whilst, singer/songwriter; Tyler Daley originally came up under the guise ‘Hoodman’ as a lyricist. Their first EP ‘The Story So Far’ seemed to capture elements of older soul, hip hop and Rnb, with a mixture of heavy instrumentals like the tracks; ‘Smoke With Me’ and ‘Happiness’, to more downtempo melancholic arrangements which are shown in their stand out track; ‘Standing still’.

Courtesy of BBC 1 xtra

Building on from their breakthrough EP, Children of Zeus have continued to work with First Word Records to release their first full length album together. The duo kick off the album timely from where they left off, with the aptly named track “The Story So Far…” which quickly captivates your attention as the layered atmospheric kicks and hi-hats immediately scintillate you to attention. Along with the chilling strings over Tyler Daley’s sorrowful hook throughout the song, which perfectly executes the duos depiction of their struggle to get to where they are now. An inspiring message and clever transition from their previous project to current album – ‘Travel light’.

Treated to a host of very talented artists, from highly rate soul singer KSR, to established neo soul artists Terri Walker, as well as a more surprising feature from Drum N Bass MC; DRS, the album doesn’t lack creative influence. The duo haven’t been to afraid to lay down their distinguishable away from hip hop, and jazz sampled beats as well, with tracks such as ‘Hard work’ brings a reggae stylised beats in the production. Whilst their closing track ‘vibrations’ is an 8 min wistful journey of melodic resonating sounds, with the echoing harmonic keys gently easing in Tyler Daley’s hook and the heart pounding off beat kicks pulsating throughout the track. Make for befitting ending to great album.

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Author: Kofi Yeboah

I'm a Music & Culture Journalist, and DJ from London. I worked in radio, events promotions, and content production. .

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