Kojey Radical Is Back With Two Heavy Singles


Having already been one of the busiest artists in the UK right now, with features on many tracks from Jay Prince, MJ Cole, to Mahalia, and, as well as starting his own night (Endless Presents..), Kojey Radical has already ticked many off his to-do list this year. However, he continues the year with two new solo releases this summer titled ‘Pure’ and ’97’

‘Pure’ represents Kojey’s transitioning flow to more traditional UK rap from the more poetic rhythm which were used to when he caught wind with the ‘23 Winters’ album. The harmonious combination of the strings and piano play create a momentous, atmospheric mood which Kojey’s lyrics are easily allowed to take center stage of, with his clarity and passion ever present throughout the track.

Whereas, ‘97’ reveals the more free-spirited, high energy body of Kojey’s work, which is reminiscent of the track ‘Love Intersection’, taken from the album ‘In Gods Body’. Where his vocals in the chorus and hook sound a bit more experimental and exciting, which captivates and displays Kojey’s adaptability, which he’s been able to show throughout the year with various features.

Have a listen on Spotify:



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