Max Graef and Julius Conrad Team Up To Bring a Stunningly Challenging First Project Titled; Ratgrave Through Apron Records


First project from ‘Ratgrave’ with Funkineven’s label; Apron Records.

‘Ratgrave’ are the duo Max Graef and Julius Conrad. Max, an already familiar music producer, who’s beat making ability and tune selection has already earned him a strong reputation in the electronic music world. Althrough, he’s latest project with Julius Conrad seems a lot more experimental than previous solo albums, they describe this latest projecty as electronic p-fusion from Earth’

There’s a brilliant rawness which easily combines a futuristic, almost alien like sounds with beautiful rhythmic beats. There isn’t one or a few genres you can pinpoint most tracks in the album to, as jazz, hip hop and psychedelic funk and house from 80s seem to heaviliy infleujnce this album, under a generally lo-fi production. Moreover, tracks like ‘Iracus’ and ‘Karenn du Renold’ sound like two tracks in one, with the changes tempo mid-way through being so dramatic.

Stand – out track, Blizzard People builds slowly with the heavy echoing kicks forming the basis for various tranquil percussions elements to bounce off. Drawing inspiration from psychedelic house, funk with a lo-fi production, as the track develops the tempo of the chords and volume of percussion elements fading in – and – out creating a steady immersive journey.

Listen to full album and bandcamp below:

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