Alfa Mist provides a befitting ending to last year album release; Antiphon


alfa moist

The artwork is courtesy of Kaya Thomas-Dyke

A firm favourite and well-respected producer/keyboardist; Alfa Mist returns to round off his 2017 album release Antiphon, with two tracks spanning over 10 mins titled ‘7th October (Epilogue)’. Peter Adam Hill on the drums gives the first track titled; ‘Resolve’ it’s energy and pace. The persistent cymbals ringing throughout, whilst Johnny Woodham on the trumpet tries to keep up, and Alfa Mist on the keys beautifully gliding over simultaneously with some gorgeous chords, gives the track an incredible warmness and liveliness. As the song quickly develops, it Alfa’s keys carefully fade out for James Leeming on the guitar to show off his skills with the strings, and to take lead. Closing gently into the last track titled; Exit (Ft 2nd Exit), which sees Leslie Duval and Alfa Mist linking up together to lay down lyrics on hip hop stylised beats.


Author: Kofi Yeboah

Hi, Thanks for checking in. My aim for inspired sound is to showcase the talented artists and selectors coming out of the UK underground music scene. I hope this will act as a source inspiration, as well as a platform to elevate up and coming artists. In future, we hope to put on events to showcase up and coming artists and DJs in the UK music scene

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