African-Influenced Collective; KOKOROKO Preview New Track ‘Uman’ Ahead Of Their Debut EP Release

In spite very little recorded music together with the 8-piece African highlife influenced band; KOKOROKO has managed to amass a huge following of edger listeners who seem to in awe of their vibe. Making themselves known to the world with the heart-warming piece ‘Abusey Junction’ which has seen over 16 million plays on YouTube, and over 3.5 million plays on Spotify.
Having announced their debut EP release set for March 6th this year, they have just previewed the track ‘Uman’. Picking up where they left off with ‘Abusey Junction’, with the tempo kicked up a notch, the beautiful blend of harmonies from the vocals to the drum pattern is amazing to hear. The coherency of the arrangement, from the uplifting, brash trumpets to the subtle acoustic guitar, brings their music to life! There is so much which is right about this track. There’s a clear respect for the infleunces from Africa with their music which is refreshing to hear in London music scene, its their authencity which help them shine.

Have listen below, and pre-order the EP:


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