First Thoughts: KOKOKO! – Liboso

A group which has someone managed to miss my radar are KOKOKO! Channeling the alternative, vibrant energy of Kinshasa in to their music, KOKOKO! are group who hope to wash away African music’s label  being ‘World Music’, by making music which is truly reflective of Congo. The artistic vision and producer comes in the form of well-respected music producer; Debruit, who is known to blend synthetic sounds to instruments inspired from Africa and the Middle East. Building on the foundations of the KOKOKO! project are four lively musicians who add their authenticity through their ‘Punk’ style vocals, and psychedelic repetitive patterns crafted on self-designed string instruments and other percussive energetic inventions.

Watch below:

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Just before the new year KOKOKO! brought their sound to UK independent record label; Transgressive, with their vivid 5-track EP titled; ‘Liboso’, which means ‘forward’. The journey into the diaspora and diversity of Kinshasa begins with the beautiful rhythmic patterns of the opening track; ‘Blvd Lumumba’, which is befittingly named after a road which leads into Kinshasa. Winding down from the exhilarating track; Azo Toke, is ‘Affaire A Mbongo’ meaning Money Problems, which has these incredible make-shift metallic sounding instruments which is indicative of Congolese culture, to make instruments out of anything. Bringing the EP to a close is the pulsating, radiating track; ‘Longola Ye Kupe‘, where the pounding drums, and bassline matches the energy and power of the lead vocalist; Makara Bianko.

Have a listen to EP and support the artists:


Author: Kofi Yeboah

I'm a Music & Culture Journalist, and DJ from London. I worked in radio, events promotions, and content production. .

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