M.Artz – Life

East London based poet, M. Artz manages to stir powerful emotions within through his melodic flow and thought-provoking stories. M.Artz has performed at some amazing venues across London, from the Electric Brixton where he opened for the award- winning duo Floetry, to Who’s Got the Hitz? At the Jazz Café, where he was the 3rd place finalist. In additon, he performed at many other events in London, from Reclaim Brixton, Take Back the City, The Floacist presents FLO, Soulful Sundays, LYP Radio, Acoustic Live (Box Park), Alchemy nights (Stereo 92) and numerous open mic spots.

M.Artz speaks with purpose and his use of imagery to colour the many questions he asks around his life are delivered in a calm, assured manner which is engrossing. He takes inspiration from poet Gil Scott Heron, movies, and politics, nothing too discerning but his ability to flick between witty lines and straight talking is admirable. The opening track to his latest EP reminiscently questions the meaning of life in the opening sentence – ‘we all die after we live, or is death, really when we start to live’, and from there, he begins to expand on what’s important to him, drifting on topics both personal and focused around god.

Stand out track ‘Something Special’ recalls of a poignant time in M.Artz’ life where he met the love of his life, his delivery is matched with elegant backing vocals, and bouncy guitar rifts which elevate the track to create an uplifting exciting feel. Rounding off the EP emphatically is the track ‘Dad at a Distance’ sees Artz jump on a more musical reggae inspired production. Throughout the EP, Artz manages to tenaciously flow over different arrangements from house, to reggae, to hip hop his rhymical style are timely to beat which isn’t common amongst other poets.

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