Q&A: Have You Met… Ebi Soda


Looking to disrupt London’s thriving jazz music scene, are Brighton collective – Ebi Soda. Drawing inspiration from jazz originators and combining their own coastal flavour and creativity creates an unmistakable energy. Their music ebb and flow over a foundation of rhythm, slipping into smooth guitar riffs, swelling trombone and drum sections.

Having released the sensationally, moving track – ‘Dahling’ towards the end of last year, Ebi Soda recently released their debut EP through newly formed exciting label Sola Terra. With Sola Terra’s focus on forwarding music which melts the soul and evokes feeling and intrigue, as which jazz music does, the partnership only seemed natural.

Ebi Soda are the latest to join inductee list upcoming artists to look out for, have look below for our short Q&A:

Tell Me More About Your Band Ebi Soda, What’s Behind The Name?

The band is a five piece: trombone, keys, bass, guitar and drums. But we do also work with two of our friends who play saxophone and flute. The name “Ebi Soda’ comes from a local Japanese takeaway and was created masterfully by the mind of our keys player Louis Jenkins.

You Guys Have Some Interesting Artwork For Your EP Covers, Tell Me About Who Does It And How Does It Reflect Your Band?

Our friend Azee does all the artwork. He was around from the start of the Ebi Soda saga and knows our vibe better than anyone. We feel his artwork fits our songs perfectly and will develop to be the trademark of Ebi Soda.


How Has Being From Brighton Influenced Your music, What’s Special About The City?

Brighton is a great town to make music, a lot of resources available and creative people surround us. The music scene is getting bigger and more exciting in Brighton now with bands such as Vels Trio and Yadasofi becoming more well known. There are numerous local venues that push the exposure of new and upcoming music, which gives us a lot of opportunity to play live.

How Do Blend Your Musical Interests Within Each Track?

Each member in the group brings their own individual style of playing, and ideas can be initiated by anyone at any time in the midst of jamming or writing. We record almost every kind of musical session we have. production and mixing is usually brought together by VVilhelm, with executive production from most of the group.

Check their performance out at the Boathouse Studio:

The video is courtesy of Ebi Soda


Who Are Your Prominent Musical Influences Outside of Jazz, What Do You Like About Them?

Although we are all massive jazz fans and we take a jazz-based approach to our writing process, most of our influences tend to be from outside of the jazz world. Most of us are into all kinds of hip-hop and electronic music, moving into grime and trap along the way, all these genres I feel have had an effect on our final sound. The extra production you hear comes mostly from the influence of dub and other psychedelic music.

What Would Success Feel Like To You Guys?

We’re very happy with what we’re doing now, writing and performing music with our talented friends. Success for us, would mean being able to collaborate with our favourite artists and continue to create music that we love, but with even more influential factors contributing to it.

Finally, What Do Have Planned For 2019?

We’d love to do a mini tour and play a festival in the summer. We want to release loads of music this year and up our game, and start writing an album.

Check out their new EP below:

Author: Kofi Yeboah

I'm a Music & Culture Journalist, and DJ from London. I worked in radio, events promotions, and content production. .

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