NEWS: Birmingham Hip-Hop Rapper Kofi Stone Drops Silky Thoughtful Single -Rodney Place


Birmingham born and bred MC – Kofi Stone drops another single titled – ‘Rodney Place’, have already dropped ‘Same Old’ a few months ago. Working with fellow Brum – Joe Corfield, who’s jazz sample based production has been receiving a lot of attention across the world, in parts of Europe, and America, with his most recent album releasing through German Based Label – Melting Pot.

Joe creates a beautifully silky production for Kofi’s poignant emotive lyrcis to take center stage. Kofi turns retrospect of learning that his parents had split up when he was a chuld, and painfully shares how that experience effected his childhood and even still him today, as persistenly begs the question of if god can bring them back together.

Listen below and check the video below: 

*This video is for promotional use only*

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