Joey Badass – The Light Pack

Photo courtesy of Spotify

Joey Bada$$ returns with The Light Pack; a three-track EP that is only 8 minutes and 22 seconds in total, but says a whole lot. The Brooklyn born rapper begins with The Light; a 90s influenced embodiment of Hip Hop’s golden era. His flow and sustained rhyme pattern, held over ten bars are immensely impressive, but not surprising. Joey Bada$$ has been rapping since he was twelve years old and has had plenty of time to perfect his craft, which he has done with seeming ease. 

With one feature (Pusha T on No Explanation) over three songs, Joey Bada$$ stands alone in his generation. Not reliant on superstar producers or catchy made for Tik-Tok hooks, Joey Bada$$ explores the realms of his spiritual rebirth (alluded to at the beginning of The Light video) and toys with his lyrical prowess. Much of the project is a testament to his steadily progressive career. While his first album was strictly a 90’s throwback, the second album embraced the change in rapping style across most new artists at that time. However, The Light Pack is a perfect blend of both styles, as Joey Bada$$ successfully makes two era’s meet in the middle, creating a sound that only Joey can pull off without sounding dated.

Laying low for the last three years, this is Joey’s first release since 2017’s All Amerikkkan Bada$$. A bold return for the rapper who self-proclaims his music as “…mumble rap extermination“. The Light Pack is a strong return and a great teaser to whatever is coming next.

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